Your business creates a part that goes into a heater. The heater burns a house down and the manufacturer of the heater gets sued. Subsequently every person that made a part for the heater is also named in the lawsuit. This includes you no matter how small or mundane of a part.

You produce a part which is only made using a custom machine in your shop. A water leak in the ceiling damages the circuit board of this custom machine and you have a large order you need to fulfill. It’s going to be a month until you can find a comparable machine to purchase. You not only may lose the revenue from the sale but also the future business of this buyer.

You manufacturer a power supply that is used in the electronic industry and it’s found to be subject to overheating due to a design flaw in the assembly process. You have to recall 25,000 of the units you sold over the past year to fix the problem.

Are you covered?

Insurance isn’t always simple.

Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for your manufacturing business.  And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.

Coverages Explained:

  • General Liability: This insurance helps protect your business from claims of:
    • Bodily injury which includes customer slip and falls
    • Costs for property damage claims against your business
    • Medical expenses if someone gets injured at your company
    • Advertising injury claims against your business
    • Administrative costs to handle covered claims
    • Court costs, judgments, and settlements for covered claims
  • Commercial Property:  insurance to help protect your place of business and the tools you use, such as plastics, injectors, and molds. Commercial property insurance can help protect these tools whether you own them or lease
  • Business Income Insurance: helps cover your lost income if you can’t run your manufacturing business due to covered property damage or loss, like a fire or storm.
  • Equipment Breakdown: Covers mechanical breakdown of equipment used in your business. Includes the cost to repair damaged equipment, spoiled goods, and loss of income.
  • Manufacturers Selling Price: protects your company against the loss of profit, which otherwise would have been earned from the sale of the finished stock had it not been damaged in a loss.
  • Manufacturers Consequential Loss:  Indirect losses that are the result of physical damage and adversely affect normal business operations may be considered consequential losses. Coverage of consequential losses may include compensation for ongoing obligations such as salaries and fixed operational expenses. Covers the reduction in value to remaining parts of stock after a loss.
  • Examples of Consequential Damages
    • Loss of anticipated profits;
    • Loss of business;
    • Cost of unsuccessful attempts to repair defective goods;
    • Loss of goodwill;
    • Losses resulting from interruption of buyer's production process;
    • Loss of reputation; and.
    • Loss of sales contracts because of delayed products.
  • Commercial Umbrella: covers large liability losses that exceed the limits of the underlying general liability policy.

Common Ways to Save:

Multiple Policy Discounts

Having 2 or more lines of insurance with the same carrier can offer big credits.

Payment Plan Discounts

Many carriers offer discounts for paying in full or on an automatic pay plan.


Assuming some of the risk yourself by choosing a higher deductible may reduce your policy premium.

Group Discount

This discount may apply when your business is affiliated with certain organizations, such as chambers of commerce, credit unions and trade associations.

Favorable Loss History

Receive a lower premium for favorable loss history.

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