Restaurant Insurance

A fire breaks out in the kitchen on Saturday night. It’s one of your busiest evenings in weeks and you are forced to shut down not only that night but for the next couple of weeks while everything is being repaired.

A waitress accidentally spills a couple of drinks on the ground. Your employee mops it up but forgets to put down a caution sign. One of your patrons then slips and falls injuring their back.
The power goes out for over a day. All the food you just purchased is now spoiled.

Are you covered?

Insurance isn’t always simple.

Insurance isn’t always simple.  Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for your restaurant.  And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants and other food or beverage businesses face a wide range of risks. A single kitchen fire, employee lawsuit, customer injury, or data breach could put serious financial stress on your establishment.

Each restaurant is unique and your insurance should be, too. Insurance Consultants Group understands the food and beverage industry and represents a wide variety of insurance carriers in this space to ensure we find the most competitive rates and coverages for your business.

Who needs it?

Businesses that have a cooking exposure, serve food and alcohol should ensure they have custom-tailored insurance. These business types can include:

  • Bars / Taverns
  • Cafés / Coffee / Sandwich Shops
  • Diners
  • Breweries
  • Food Franchises
  • Pizzerias
  • Food Trucks

What does it cost?

The cost varies from business to business. Common factors that influence your rate include:

  • Types of Food You Sell
  • Cooking Methods and Equipment
  • Hours of Operations
  • Loss History
  • Percentage of Alcohol / Food / Catering Sales
  • Years in Business
  • Activities (live entertainment, music, DJs, pool tables, dance floor, delivery)
  • Age of Building and Square Feet

What types of coverages may I need?

  • General Liability: General liability insurance is one of the core coverage that food and beverage business owners purchase. It provides protection against lawsuits, accidents, and other mishaps.
  • Commercial Property: Provides protection for your buildings, business personal property and property of others.
  • Spoilage and Contamination: Protects you if food contamination occurs or if you suffer loss of perishable stock.
  • Liquor Liability: You take great responsibility in serving your patrons. Take the same care in protecting your business.
  • Commercial Auto: Covers vehicles you own and use for your business.


Common Ways to Save:

Multiple Policy Discounts

Having 2 or more lines of insurance with the same carrier can offer big credits.

Payment Plan Discounts

Many carriers offer discounts for paying in full or on an automatic pay plan.


Assuming some of the risk yourself by choosing a higher deductible may reduce your policy premium.

Group Discount

This discount may apply when your business is affiliated with certain organizations, such as chambers of commerce, credit unions and trade associations.

Favorable Loss History

Receive a lower premium for favorable loss history.

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