Classic Car / Classic Motorcycle Insurance

You are out on your regular Sunday drive in your 1968 Corvette. You hit a large pothole which causes damage to your tire, wheel and undercarriage. The vehicle will need to be repaired at an auto shop specializing in classic cars.

On a long stretch of open road, a deer runs out in front of you and you lose control of your 1964 Harley FL. You miss the deer, but your bike that you spent months restoring is totaled.

You and your son spend years restoring the 1957 Chevy Bel Air that your dad passed on to you. There is a fire in your home, which spreads to the garage and causes severe cosmetic damage to the custom paint job and parts.

Are you covered?

Insurance isn’t always simple. Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for your beloved classics. And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.


Agreed/Guaranteed Value:  A standard auto or bike policy often times insures your vehicle at depreciated value at the time of loss.  Classic vehicle policies insure your vehicle for its full value, taking custom parts into consideration too.  

Lower Premiums:  Most classic vehicle and bike policies will offer lower rates, as the vehicles include on them generally are not a client’s “daily driver”.

Specialized Claims Handling:  Our carriers who specialize in classics have staff on hand who specialize in classics.  In the event of a claim, you will be working with someone who understands the value of your vintage vehicle and shares your passion as well.

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