Jewelry, Fine Art and Collectibles Insurance

While swimming with the dolphins on your honeymoon in Hawaii, your engagement ring slips off your finger and is never to be seen again.  

Your band is playing a gig downtown and you arrive early to set up.  When you go back out to your van to bring in more gear, you notice someone has smashed the window and trying to steal your equipment!  They run off when they see you, but in the commotion, they have dropped your Gibson Les Paul guitar and Mesa Boogie amp on the ground causing severe damage to both.  

The climate control system in your wine cellar malfunctions, ruining some, if not all, of your $40,000 wine collection.

Your 16-year-old son’s $2,000 road bike is stolen while parked outside of the library. 

Are you covered?

Insurance isn’t always simple.

Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for the items you value most.  And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.

Common Items Included on a Personal Inland Marine Policy:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine Arts and Silverware Collections
  • Furs
  • Sports Equipment
  • Musical Instruments, both hobby & professional use
  • Wine Collections
  • Camera Equipment, both hobby & professional use

Why Use Inland Marine Schedule?

Most homeowners, condo or renter’s policies put limits on the amount of coverage they will provide for special personal property items. Additionally, they might not be covered for all risk (for example, simply losing a piece of jewelry or dropping and breaking your camera) and they are often subject to your policy deductible.

Scheduling these items allows the broadest coverage option available and often does not include a deductible. You are also insuring the items at their full replacement value or an agreed upon amount, which eliminates any limit caps under your regular homeowner’s policy.

Inland Marine coverage is available as its own policy, or often can be scheduled a floater on your current home, renters or condo policy.

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