You lend your car out to your brother-in-law for several weeks while his vehicle is being repaired and he gets into an accident.

You are moving and decide to rent a large moving truck.  The rental company is asking you if you would like to purchase their insurance to cover accidents involving the truck while you are driving.

Your 15-year-old son is walking to school and is hit by a vehicle.  The driver leaves the scene.  Thankfully, your son will recover, but he needs several surgeries and rehabilitation.

Your 2-year-old vehicle is totaled in an accident and the balance on your loan is higher than the blue book pay-out value of the claim.

Would you be covered? Would you have enough coverage?

Insurance isn't always simple.

Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for your household drivers and the vehicles you rely on to get you where you are going every day. And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.


  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage: Payment limits for bodily injury caused to others and damage caused to the property of others. This can be written as split limits, providing a separate limit for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, and property damage OR for a combined single limit providing one blanket amount of coverage for bodily injury and property damage.
  • Medical Payments: Provides coverage for medical expenses resulting from injury to the insured or a passenger.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Provides coverage for injury, damage or death caused by someone who does not have any insurance or does not have an adequate amount of insurance to cover the expenses.
  • Collision: Covers the cost of repairs to or replacement of your vehicle when you are involved in an accident
  • Comprehensive: Covers the cost of repairs to or replacement of your vehicle when the damages are caused by factors not considered a collision, such as fire, weather, accidents with an animal, theft, etc.


  • Rental Reimbursement:  Provides coverage for the cost of a rental vehicle after a covered loss
  • Roadside Assistance:  Provides coverage for towing or other services needed on the road, such as fuel refill, tire change, etc.Full Glass Coverage:  Waives any deductible in the event of a safety glass loss
  • Loan/Lease GAP:  In the event of a total loss, helps pay the difference between the unpaid amount due on a loan or lease agreement and the actual cash value of the auto
  • OEM Parts Coverage:  Changes the loss settlement for comprehensive and collision losses so that parts damaged are replaced with original manufacturer parts when available

Common Ways to Save:

Multiple Policy Discounts

Having 2 or more lines of insurance with the same carrier can offer big credits

Payment Plan Discounts

Many carriers offer discounts for paying in full or on an automatic pay plan

Low Mileage

Most carriers offer lower rates for a low annual mileage amount or using your vehicle for pleasure only, rather than a commute

Good Student / Away at School

If one of the driver’s in your household is a full-time student and either carries a high GPA and/or is away at school without a vehicle, discounts are available

Associations & Occupations

Discounts may be available based on your occupation or group memberships, such as Unions, Sports Leagues and Professional Organizations

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