Golf Carts, ATVs / UTVs and Snowmobile Insurance

Temperatures are below freezing and your snowmobile breaks down several miles from your cabin.

You have purchased a golf cart to keep at your vacation home on Put-In-Bay Island.  The golf cart will be driven by you and various family members on local roads to get around the island.  

You are off-roading and hit a tree stump at high speed.  Both you and your passenger are thrown from your ATV and are both seriously injured.

Are you covered?

Insurance isn’t always simple.

Having an independent agent on your side means you have a policy catered specifically for your off-road fun. And as your needs change, we can change right along with you.


  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage:  Payment limits for bodily injury caused to others and damage caused to the property of others. 
  • Medical Payments & Guest Passenger Liability:  Provides coverage for medical expenses resulting from injury to the insured or a passenger.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist:  Provides coverage for injury, damage, or death caused by someone who does not have any insurance or does not have an adequate amount of insurance to cover the expenses.  
  • Collision:  Covers the cost of repairs to or replacement of your vehicle when you are involved in an accident. 
  • Comprehensive:  Covers the cost of repairs to or replacement of your vehicle when the damages are caused by factors not considered a collision, such as fire, weather, accidents with an animal, theft, etc. 


  • Accessory Coverage:  Coverage available for added accessories such as radios, seat covers or custom paint jobs
  • Personal Effects:  Provides coverage for your personal items you are carrying with you in the vehicle
  • Roadside Assistance:  Provides assistance for disabled vehicles

Multiple Policy Discounts

Having 2 or more lines of insurance with the same carrier can offer big credits.

Payment Plan Discounts

Many carriers offer discounts for paying in full or on an automatic pay plan.

Responsible Driver

Having a clear MVR and being accident-free equals big savings on your policy.

Safety Course Discount

Some off-road products offer discounts for approved safety course completion.

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